If you buy a property in Spain there is one thing you will find wherever you buy, the Spanish love a Fiesta (Party). In Spain there are many Fiestas and traditional events all years round but there are many that take place in the summer months

May is a month packed full of festivals in Spain, particularly in the south of the country and the city of Córdoba has a whole month of celebrations in May beginning with the Cruces de Mayo where flower-adorned crosses are set up across the city. This will be closely followed by the Patios Festival from May 2nd to 14th, in which visitors can see inside the city’s private walled gardens, decorated with flowers, especially for the occasion. This will be held in conjunction with the balcony contest, where residents vie for the title of having the prettiest and best-decorated balconies.

A couple of hours to the southwest the Romería del Rocío will be taking place in the small Huelvan village from May 28th to 29th. During the event more than one million people will make the pilgrimage to Rocío, many on horseback, filling its sandy streets with a lively atmosphere.

While in northern Spain, there are more flowery scenes at the Temps de Flors in the Catalan city of Girona. During the festival held from May 13th to the 21st, elaborate art installations created from plants and flowers will be set up across historic walls, cathedrals, churches and even ancient Arabic baths.

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