When you buy a property in Spain you will need a Spanish bank account to pay your day to day bills and mortgage payments.

Unlike financial institutions in the UK, many banks in Spain charge you for simply ‘maintaining’ your bank account open, as well as extra fees if you withdraw money from ATMS at other banks, to use your bank cards or other services which one would expect to be completely free.

This means that it’s definitely worth shopping around to find a bank account in Spain without extra fees so you’re not left wondering exactly why you’re paying out so much.

It’s worth keeping in mind that most of the bank accounts that don’t charge extra fees in Spain are online-only accounts.

This means that you’ll do most of your banking through a website or app, rather than having a dedicated personal account manager or cashier in your branch.

Sabadell’s online account not only doesn’t charge you added costs, but also doesn’t force you to transfer your salary over to them. New customers can recover 3 percent of their electricity and gas bills and also receive free debit and credit cards.

Santander’s online account has not only zero extra charges but zero conditions too, meaning it’s ideal for flexibility. It’s exclusively for new clients and includes a free debit card and free withdrawals at 30,000 ATMs worldwide. If you use it for your salary or your pension, you’ll also get €400 gross gifted to you.

BBVA offers another account that’s 100 percent online and offers no extra fees or conditions for new clients. You also get a free debit card and free withdrawals at BBVA ATMs.

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