Whether you are buying a dream home in the sun for a holiday home or moving permanently you may be looking for a mortgage to help finance it.

Before you commit to purchasing a property overseas you should make sure you know what your finance options are as once you commit to buy and pay a deposit if you can’t get a mortgage you may not get the deposit back.

If you are thinking of buying cash and then looking to refinance at a later date across most of Europe that’s not always an options as there are very few refinance products available and often if available they are at reduced loan to values, so looking at a mortgage at time of purchase may be wise.

Here at VCI we can help plan for the purchase of your dream home.

  • We can get a decision in principle, so you know what’s available and affordable
  • We can assess your maximum borrowing availability
  • Save you time dealing directly with lenders
  • Access to a comprehensive range of products with excellent rates
  • Held save money on your currency transfers

When working out how much capital you need to put into your project in addition to your deposit for a mortgage you should also allow an additional 10% to 12% of the purchase price to cover property purchase tax, fees (notary & bank) and other closing costs.

If you are dealing direct with a lender we offer a service to check over the products on offer, paperwork and support you through the buying process 


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Please note the countries we can help arrange a mortgage in are Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey and USA

Please choose the country in which you are interested in buying in for basic criteria.