Statistics Information Centre for Notarius Publicus revealed that foreign home buyers spend 72 per cent more money on home purchases than the Spanish do.

Foreigners looking for a house in Spain spend an average of €2,715 per square metre, while the Spanish spend €1,580, revealed the authority. 

Last year, 21% of all home purchases in Spain were made by foreigners. In the Valencian Region alone, nearly 19,000 homes were purchased by non-Spanish citizens. Andalucia and Catalonia followed with 11,768 and 9,773 sales. 

Furthermore, the most expensive property per square metre in the country was sold to a foreigner in the Balearic Islands for €4,169 per square metre. 

A new tendency arose in Spain when last year, Chinese nationals bought a large number of properties in Spain for the first time, spending €3,902 on average. Amongst other nations, British, Germany and France were the ones spending the most on Spanish property, highlighting the rising number of expatriates in the country. 

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