Spain looks set to lobby Brussels for permission to end the time limit on UK visitors with a renewed appeal to the European authorities to relax travel restrictions placed on UK travellers and second homeowners following Brexit.

At the moment British Citizens benefit from visa exemption for up to 90 out of 180 days but if they wish to stay longer, they need to either go through the tricky residency process or apply for a special visa.

This rule has made life difficult for tourist from the UK who consistently hold the top spot for the largest number of visitors to the country. This winter season the Spanish travel industry expects to welcome around 3.5 million Britons and as a result, the Tourism Secretary plans once more to lobby Brussels to relax the rule.

The Situation is complex, and the Secretary has reiterated that the ultimate decision is in the hands of the European authorities.

“Unfortunately, the rule is not something Spain has established by itself or can just get rid of” he said.

“it is in our interest to lobby or convince the EU we can try to work an exception with them but the solution must come from them

Tourism now accounts for at least 12% of Spain’s GDP and the country has invested 200 million euros in “Sun and Sea” destinations in a bid to attract more visitors.

Earlier this year, Spain scrapped the visa requirements for British touring performers, something which didn’t require EU approval, but it seems that the authorities are determined to take this a step further and abolish restrictions entirely which will be a great news for those Brits who own property in Spain.

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